Sex Education in American Public Schools

The third map is really freaking me out. “Don’t have to be medically accurate.” WHAT.

Okay, as somebody who lives in Texas, I feel like I should tell you guys what my sex-ed was like.

I grew up in California, and the sex ed there was basically the same as the teacher from mean girls. “If you have sex, you will DIE.”

In Texas, we were taught that 49% of guys are virgins when they get married, and 52% of girls are. We were taught that it was a normal thing for ALL genders, and how to stay safe while you did it. (I have looked up all of the information that I was given, and it was 100% accurate).

They explained how gay sex worked, and then said that there was a huge burst in std’s from it in the 80s, and then they said nothing else. Now that I know they can only give negative information, I understand why.

We were also taught about rape. How to avoid it, how to report it, what exactly it meant, and DON’T DO IT.

Overall, the sex education I got in Texas was about 300x better than the sex ed I got in California. Just because a few rules are or aren’t in place doesn’t mean one’s better than the other. It’s still up to the organization and the school, so stop acting like these specific laws are the be-all end-all of sex ed, when you have no actual idea what you’re talking about. Unless you are specifically the sex ed administrator for that state, don’t assume you know what it’s like.

Well, I’m from NH and I didn’t even have sex ed.